0187: /v/clearance-sale


The best sales, without wasting       your time

Who doesn’t love a good clearance sale.  They are often where the holy grails of discounts are found — the 75% off, the 80%, even the elusive 90% off.  But they are often hard to find or at least, find in time.  By the time you walk into your favorite retailer and notice there is a clearance sale, its already been picked clean.

That’s why retailers and customers are posting photos of the clearance sales they find to localweb.is/v/clearance-sale.  The /v/ means its a voting URL so the best sales are usually voted to the top.  In NYC, /v/clearance-sale has been a great channel for retailers to spread the word and move some must-go merchandise quickly.

If a sale gets posted, rises to the top, and then gets subsequently picked clean, other users are posting replies to that effect “sorry guys, they are out of stock now” and the post invariably gets voted down.  This is saving consumers a lot of time as they can check the hot sales from their phone and when they filter the URL down to 1/2 mile or 100 yards, they are never far from the nearest time-sensitive sale.

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Image via Ted Major on Flickr CC2.0