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Know your rights, wherever you are

When engaging in any type of protest its always good to “know your rights”.   However, the answer to “what are my rights?” is often a local one.  We have the bill of rights but often the various limits to freedom are clarified at the state and local level.

Do I have to give a police officer my ID?

Do I have the right to put up a tent in this public park?

I was told that firearms are not allowed in Villas Pool area but according to RSA 159:26, the state law that prohibits any political subdivision from regulating firearms in NH, they should be allowed in Villas Pool since its municipal land… right?

Clearly these are local questions and require local answers.

At localweb.is/whataremyrights people are posting their questions about their rights and local activists are answering them, whether they are in Ferguson or New Hampshire.  No one should be clueless of their rights, but its difficult to be omniscient as well since our “rights’ can change at the town boundary.  By using the local web, activists can help each other by sharing the local knowledge needed to “know your rights”.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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