0185: /raccoon-tracking


Local information sharing

In a particular neighborhood or an suburb of Toronto the raccoon problem is particularly bad.  There is a conservation area nearby and these creatures seem particularly good at defeating anti-varmint garbage cans.

That’s where residents have turned to the local web for help.  When the raccoons get into your garbage, post a photo or description at localweb.is/raccoon-tracking.  Others in the area have done the same. Soon patterns begin to emerge of which houses are hit first or who seems to be the front line for the smorgasbord.

Residents can also share helpful tips on how to keep these critters out. You can find such tips on line as well, but the tips being shared at /raccoon-tracking have worked for the very same raccoons people are trying to keep out.  In situations like these, local knowledge trumps global knowledge.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via LexnGer on flickr CC2.0