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Wine recommendations… as a service

Chamber Street Wines is a local wine shop in Tribeca.  They have good reviews on Yelp, though none in the past 7 months.  They have a twitter account and tweet occasionally, but despite having over 5K followers, they only get the occasional retweet or favorite.  They also use Facebook and with 1,500 likes they can get some traction going on the odd post.  But it’s not really exposing them to the customers who haven’t heard of them yet.

That’s where they can use the local web to their advantage.  They don’t feel the need to maintain yet another web property, but they have created a sort of ‘app’ for the people in Tribeca.  When you post a photo of what you are ordering or even the menu to localweb.is/chamberst-pairing, David or one of the staff from Chamber Street will respond with a recommended wine pairing.

Thinking of roasting the duck you picked up at the farmers market. You would love to know a good wine pairing?  Post to /chamberst-pairing and you can get an answer usually within minutes.  The more activity there is in this URL the higher it climbs in localweb.is, which is an index of trending URLs in the area.  Soon others in Tribeca are getting their own wine pairings and building a relationship with Chamber Street before even setting foot in the door.  If you want to act on the pairing you received, well just let them know in the URL and it will be ready for you when you come in the door.

They could do this via email, but that doesn’t have the public benefits. They could answer questions on Twitter or Facebook but those customers could be across the country and while they like to be helpful, focusing on who could actually walk to their store in the next few minutes allows them to get a much better ROI.

Note: The above account is fictional.

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Image via Danny Catroux