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Lulitonix is an up and coming premium juice brand in NYC.  They have done their homework when it comes to branding and have created a product that people can identify with.  This has allowed them to create a small army of brand ambassadors to spread the word.  Some of these people have large audiences to share with, but many don’t and are struggling with finding a way to contribute to a brand they love.  Their tweets and Instagram posts just aren’t moving the needle and there are only so many people they can recommend it to in person.

That’s where the local web comes into play.  These ambassadors with more passion than followers are very active on localweb.is/lulitonix. They post photos of their favorite drinks, how it makes them feel, and even photos of in-store displays when they find them.  Often they run as a customer service front-line, answering questions from others about where Lulitonix is sold.

They are just being social about their favorite brand.  But the real benefits comes when all this activity pushes /lulitonix consistently to the top of localweb.is, which is an leader board of popular and trending URLs in the area (3 miles, 1/2 mile or 100 yards).

New Yorkers are starting to wonder why /lulitonix is always near the top.  Whats all this commotion about.  What is this Lulitonix thing all about?  Well, the brand ambassadors are there to help.  Other retailers are curious too and a bit jealous because no one is taking pictures and posting their in-store displays.  Hmm…  maybe they should get in on this Lulitonix action as well.

The folks at Lulitonix have done their part, building a great brand.  It’s time for a social platform to do its part and allow that brand to spread to the people who matter most, the people within walking distance of a bottle of Lulitonix.

Note: The above account is fictional.

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Image via Heather Colvin