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Safely support your emotional self when the culture won’t

Women and men are too often punished in our culture for having emotions.  Whether it’s negotiating salaries or projects at work, sharing home duties like dishes and parenting, or playing in the local soccer league, we’re often pressured to hide our feelings in order to seem collected and in control.

Although it works differently by gender, for men this often comes at the cost of depression and an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. Sharing your feelings can be dangerous.  localweb.is/guys-feelings is a place where men can connect to other men learning to navigate what it means to develop their emotional self, and embrace having feelings instead of fearing them.

Because the local web can be anonymous or pseudo-anonymous, you choose to share your identity or not. But either way you’ll get perspective, and it helps to know you aren’t alone…and it can also help you practically, like getting your questions answered about what to expect if you try out counseling for the first time, or which books were most inspirational to someone who’s trying to balance being tough enough to run a company and tough enough to dig deep into their inner life and express their emotions.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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