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The line waiting app.. without an app

The experience at an amusement park in the summer is an exhausting mix of mind blowing thrills and mind numbing line-waiting.  Wait time on a popular ride can vary by time and day, but no one has the time to keep tabs on the wait times (ironic, huh?) and that’s why you get the crowd to do it for you on the local web.

If the line is moving quickly for one ride, post a note at localweb.is/sixflags-lines and anyone in the area can see it. If a ride is down for some “quick” maintenance, let others park goers know. They will return the favor when the line for The Jokers Jinx seems to be emptying around lunch time.

Bored in line?  Who isn’t.  Just check into /sixflags-lines to chat with other people in line, so at least you can be bored together.  No need for people to download and install a “for one time only use” app or wait for it to come out for your phone, since the local web works on any mobile browser.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Jeremy Thompson on Flickr used by CC2.0