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Social media that drives                     local audiences

Twitter provides a new, and pretty huge advantage for comedians.  It enables them to test out their material and build big fan bases, something that was nearly impossible before, even when you did get on the Tonight Show.

But even when someone has 340K Twitter followers like John Mulaney, simply tweeting out where you are performing doesn’t always sell tickets. The intersection between people who actually get to see your tweet and those in the area you are performing can be surprisingly small.

That’s where the local web can comes in.  Mulaney fans can follow him on Twitter, but they can also follow localweb.is/johnmulaney.  It’s where local Mulaney fans get together.  It’s probably not overwhelmingly active when he’s not in town or coming through soon. But when he lands in Dublin, a quick post to /johnmulaney will get people fired up.  He can drop some local jokes, interact with fans, and answer their questions.  Pretty soon /johnmulaney is trending in Dublin on localweb.is, an index of popular and hot URLs.  This makes locals more aware of him and can actually put people in the seats for his show.

Comedians can tweet all they want, but on tour they still have to hit the local circuit and do their song and dance so people who are still receiving FM radio in 2015 can get their message.  Or they can interact with their fans directly and personally on the local web and spread their local message more authentically.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Matt Klienschmidt on Flickr used by CC2.0