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World wide, decentralized               story telling

What is this “The Story” thing you keep hearing about?  There is no easy answer.  It’s part experiment, part local flavor, and part…. something new.

The Story is a long running story or narrative where anyone can contribute one line, paragraph, or page at a time.  Simply go to localweb.is/the-story, read up on the latest, then post your own addition.

If an everyone-can-contribute narrative isn’t confusing enough, The Story is also decentralized.  Because each person’s post is tied to their location, The Story is different in Venice Beach than it is in Inglewood. The Story in Miami takes on a different flavor than The Story in Portland.

Granted, The Story is not always good, or even comprehensible.  But anywhere you go, The Story is different.  In down-home Eastern Maine, The Story flourishes with local rustic charm.  In Riyadh, The Story contains elements of oppression and struggle.  It’s also in Arabic. Everywhere you go, you bring your own story that you know well.  But places have their own story too, and /the-story is where they are told.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Iain Mullen on Flickr used by CC2.0