0174:  /art-house


Let’s talk movies but with local knowledge

The Internet is a great place to find people talking about movies. There are sites like Metacritic which aggregate professional opinions, and the forums on IMDB which collect… unprofessional opinions.  And while these are all useful, there is a missing component: local knowledge.

Niche communities, like those comprised of people who are passionate about art house films, need to stick together…both online and offline. It can be harder to do the latter, so that’s why cinephiles are posting their reviews and discussions at localweb.is/art-house.

Maybe there is only one theater in town, and the owner isn’t so great at social media.  Local patrons on /art-house can still spread the word of a new favorite film simply by discussing it.  /art-house then rises in localweb.is/, an index of trending URLs, and others learn about this movie and the theater.

Taking a business trip to Philadelphia and don’t feel like watching a cheezy flick on the hotel TV?  You can easily see what people are discussing at /art-house.  Maybe there is a one-night-only showing of a classic and that information just doesn’t make it into a google search quick enough.  This is the local web at work.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Gerry Dincher on Flickr used by CC2.0