0173:  /speed-trap


Know where the speed traps are,    then discuss

The cat and mouse game of speed traps has come a long way since people first placed radar detectors with lights & sound alerts on their dashboard.

Now, some people use apps like Waze to warn others of speed traps. But sometimes having a bit more context matters, like when there’s a rolling speed trap.  That’s when a local, relevant discussion is helpful.

Drivers can use the local web to warn other drivers by posting to localweb.is/speed-trap.  In the case of the above image, the police have set up a cardboard cutout of an officer with a radar gun.  How clever, but those who monitor notifications for /speed-trap will easily pick up on it.

There are other discussions too – maybe the speed limit in this area is intentionally set too low, or Officer Williams has been known to have a ‘hot’ radar gun and any tickets received at this trap should be fought in court because they can be won…as someone who’s been there and done that can chime in on the conversation.

This is the local web in action.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Brent Moore on Flicker used by CC 2.0