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Hotel check-in details, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

One of the most fun and affordable ways to travel internationally is to stay in hostels.  These boarding room style hotels are cheap, well kept and come with lots of local knowledge.

Most hostels tend to keep a pretty flexible policy for check-in.  If you arrive by 6 pm someone will be there to greet you, but if not they’ll provide you with an access code for the keybox, you can let yourself in, and localweb.is/ojiyama-youthhostel will provide all the other normal information you’ll need.

What time do quiet hours start?  Recent guest tips for good local restaurants?  Need the wifi code?  It’s all posted in /ojiyama-youthhostel, and if you have a question or concern you can add that and the clerk or proprietor will follow up with you.

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