0170:  /u/AT-trail-briansgear


A pair of dry socks, when you          need them most

Yesterday’s post highlighted how you could use localweb.is for stashing and locating water, as well as helping out other hikers on the trail who might need a drink.  But what about gear that you want to stash ahead of time, just for yourself?

If you’ve never hiked or run a long distance, you might not know that a clean, dry pair of socks can sometimes be the difference between continuing or dropping out.  Often there’s a tactical advantage (avoiding painful blisters) and an emotional one (a dry pair of socks can add cheer to an otherwise difficult day hopping over rocks and logs).  localweb.is/u/AT-trail-briansgear is an easy way to note where you stash gear as you strategically visit certain parts of the journey ahead of time.

It’s unlisted (/u) so that means no one else will see it, and since it’s tied by location there’s no need to take a picture, make a list of coordinates, or burn any extra energy or time trying to find your cache.  It’ll simply pop up on your screen when you’re within a mile.

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Image via Brian Stansberry on Wikipedia.org | Licensed by CC3.0