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Cats on the internet…. that         actually find homes

You may have seen the occasional local news segment of animals at a local shelter that need a home.  These often feature a few furry friends, with the  hope that exposure will encourage people to come visit and adopt these animals.

Unfortunately, people don’t watch the local news as much these days. And while cute cats are still stars of the Internet, it’s become harder to reach the people who can provide them a home.

Local shelters can use the local web to reach these folks by posting photos and updates of the animals in their care to localweb.is/animal-rescue.  People always love seeing cute cats and animals, so /animal-rescue is often seen at the top of localweb.is/everything, which is an index of popular and trending URLs. This brings more exposure to the shelters from people who would rather check their phones to see what’s new than watch the local news.

By taking advantage of the local web, local shelters can use the tools they have (especially, adorable animals) to reach the people they need to, those around them with welcoming homes.

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Image via Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue  on Flicker | Licensed by CC2.0