0167:  /hp-facepainting


A real-time guide to unfolding     events on the ground

Local events like parades and fairs are fun. Often there is too much to see, not enough time and of course there is rarely a printed guide or brochure.

Residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, are using the local web to highlight activities going on during a Halloween Parade event.  Each activity has its own space, like localweb.is/hp-facepainting or localweb.is/hp-kids where residents can discuss and ask questions. How long is the line for face painting?  Just ask in /hp-facepainting. Everything related to the Halloween Parade is using “hp” in its name so a quick check of the index at localweb.is/everything will show numerous “hp” related URLs and activities, especially once you filter down to 100 yards.

No apps are needed here. No need to exclude android users. If you have a browser on your phone you can access the local web.  After the event, each URL becomes inactive and naturally stops trending at /everything.  No need to unsubscribe from a newsletter or uninstall an app.

This is just one example of a neighborhood solving their own problem without waiting for an app or startup to be built, or other artificial barriers that don’t relate to the need at hand.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via  yonijrj on Flickr. CC 2.0