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The Instagram for what’s around you

Usually we navigate our world unaware of the beauty that can exist just around the corner, our eyes and minds fixated on what’s in front of us right now.  We have to be reminded that there is a whole world outside of our narrow field of vision.

On localweb.is patrons have come up with a convention where “purl” stands for photo URL. Basically, all you do on localweb.is/purl-beautiful-things is post photos of…you guessed it, things you think are beautiful — a mesa, a sunset, an old abandoned farm house, you and your babe holding hands.  It’s like an Instagram tag, only based on your location.

On /purl-beautiful-things you’ll find all of these, only they’re within 1 mile of you.  You can filter that down to 100 yards as well.  But the magic really happens when you start to travel.

While you’re driving down the highway, your 1 mile radius is changing and so is the content at localweb.is/purl-beautiful-things. Photos of beautiful things are popping into view from 1 mile in front of you and dropping out of view from 1 mile behind you. When you get to your destination, let’s say Las Vegas, and you need a reminder that your immediate world is beautiful…open up the browser on your phone and go to localweb.is/purl-beautiful-things.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Wolfgang Staut on Flickr. CC 2.0