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Location tracking for birders,               no app needed

For some people birding is a hobby.  For others it’s an obsession. The demographics of birders doesn’t align that well with the latest technology, so there aren’t that many ways for actually tracking bird sightings.

By taking advantage of the local web, birders can use simple location based URLs to track their sightings.  In this example, if a birder sees a semi-rare black-tailed godwit, they simply post their sighting to localweb.is/black-tailed-godwit and include a photo if they can get one. Other sightings in the area have also been posted there.

Its become a convention to use “birder” plus the species name in localweb.is so if you search the index at localweb.is/everything for “birder” you will see all the species types that people have seen and posted about within 2 miles.  You can easily interact with other birders nearby.

If you take a trip to a national park, a quick search for “birder” will even show you what species to look out for in the area. And all this can be done without all birders needing the same birding app or service.  As long as they can post to the local web, they can track and record their obsession.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Andreas Tepti, Wikipedia CC 2.5