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Kensington Market is a legendary neighborhood in Toronto. No matter what day of the week you visit, you’ll find vendors, shops, street performers and who knows what else. That’s part of the fun in going there.

At localweb.is/kensington-market residents, tourists and shop owners are posting photos of the daily goings-on. What people bought, what they are selling and who is performing.  Along with plenty of selfies. This is a real-time record of what’s happening in the neighborhood.

It’s late on a Sunday morning and it’s been raining all night.  You and your friends have plans, but aren’t sure what to do.  You check /kensington-market and see that the street vendors already have their wares out and that the hilarious musical-chairs act you’ve seen before is performing.  Sounds like you know where to go, thanks to the local web.

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Image via Nicolal Grut  on Flicker | Licensed by CC2.0