0161:  /u/fun-times-099


The Internet of graffiti

In the public restroom at Palisades, an underground music venue in Brooklyn, is a stall which has the usual amount of “stall wisdom.”  You may also notice localweb.is/u/fun-times-099.  The /u/ means it’s unlisted so only people who know about it or have been there can see it online.  Even if you posted a photo of the link on Instagram, only those within 2 miles of the club could see any content there.  Basically, it’s a small corner of the Internet that corresponds with the people who visit the bathroom stall.

What goes on there?  What are people talking about?  You have a few idle minutes while you sit and do your business.  Your phone is naturally in your hand.  You could check your email.  You could check your  Twitter.  But in this instant, and in this stall, you are privy to something that someone before you has deemed ‘fun-times.’  The choice is yours.

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Image via Jenna Fuller  on Flicker | Licensed by CC2.0