0158:  /reddit


Global website, local audience

Reddit is often described by its’ founders as a country with 160 million citizens. That’s a lot of people. The site is also frequently a source of both dramatic change and controversy.  Redditers are everywhere.  In fact, there is probably one near you right now.

That’s what localweb.is/reddit is for: those who love or hate Reddit but are looking for a local conversation instead of a global one.  Want to find Redditers in Denver?  You can find some at reddit.com/r/denver but there are also some on /denver and if you filter the URL down to 100 yards, there might be some very close by.

The world wide web is wonderful at bringing people together using global websites, but many of these people already share a very important commonality — proximity.  URLs like localweb.is/slashdot, localweb.is/hackernews and localweb.is/wikipedia can facilitate local groups borne out of the global collective, and reveal the power of the local web.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Tim Dorr on Flicker | Licensed by CC2.0