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Exchange games with locals

Retro gaming is still a thing.  Long after you sold your last-gen gaming system on Craigslist, people still play and enjoy these classics.

But it doesn’t get a lot of attention from companies because there isn’t $79.99 to be made on each new purchase.  Sure, major urban centers may have boutique outlets where such games are on display and can be bought…but for many enthusiasts it’s a lonely affair that consists of browsing through eBay listings.

How do you solve the problem?  One easy, quick way is for retro gamers to connect on localweb.is/retro-games-swap and post their game titles / swap with others within 2 miles.  It becomes a record of swaps for accountability purposes and a great way to play some awesome titles without dropping most of your paycheck on collectibles.

When there is little commercial market to be had, that’s when the local web shines. This is the power of the people, in this case retro gamers, solving their own problems.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via Blake Patterson on Flicker | Licensed by CC2.0