0155:  /f/rubys-icecreamtruck


Ice cream truck notifications     … DING DING

A shared memory many people have is the sound of ice cream truck music heard in the distance and the Pavlovian response it invokes in children.

Many of us remember hearing the truck drive on by before we could get to it.  That’s because as a kid you have to a) hear the song early enough, b) convince your mom to give you some money, and c) get out there in time to flag the truck down.

Those of us that are parents now can drive to get our own ice cream, but ice cream trucks pretty much still work the same way.  Maybe these rolling dinosaurs will just go extinct.

Not Ruby’s Ice Cream Truck.  She’s got the required jingle playing, but she is also posting to localweb.is/f/rubys-icecreamtruck.  If you take a quick look at what’s going on in your area at /everything you will probably see /f/rubys-icecreamtruck pop into view.  The /f/ means the posts made there will follow whoever posted them around, changing based on their location.  So when /f/rubys-icecreamtruck shows up in localweb.is/everything, it means her truck is around.

No need to run outside yet, just drop a note like “come by Front Street please” and Ruby will see it, and swing by in a few minutes.  She’ll reply when she’s a few minutes out, so you can grab your wallet.

Now, Ruby is no longer aimlessly driving around.  She’s become an ice cream delivery service.  Each post to to /f/rubys-icecreamtruck drives it up on localweb.is (the full list of trending URLs) and soon her ice cream rounds become the event we remember, only we don’t miss it this time.

Ruby loves serving ice cream, not fiddling with apps and technolog. Posting to and reading /f/rubys-icecreamtruck is as simple as it gets.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image via RubyGoes on Flicker | Licensed by CC2.0