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A to Z for locals and visitors

Every winter the little town of Nederland, CO holds Frozen Dead Guy Days.  Loosely speaking, it’s a whole set of activities evolved out of a wild and weird celebration of a local resident who kept his grandfather cryogenically frozen in a shed (as per his wishes).

Activities include live music, frozen turkey bowling, snow volleyball, coffin racing, and even an Ice Queen & Grandpa “look a like” Costume Contest.  People from around the state and country converge with locals and it’s a madhouse to say the least.  localweb.is/deadguydays is the perfect way for everyone to stay in touch and stay updated on the festivities.

Need to know when the costume contest is 5 mins from finishing so you can tune up your banjo for your live music set?  Check /deadguydays. Just got into town from camping up the road and not sure what’s in process?  Easy as pie.

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Image courtesy of Barbara Lawlor, FrozenDeadGuyDays.org