0152: /u/v/launch-demopit


Attendees vote on their favorite startup, no app needed

The Launch Festival is an annual startup conference put on by Jason Calacanis.  The conference has a “demo pit” where hundreds of startups exhibit what makes them so awesome.  There’s a lot to see — some amazing, some meh, so which are worth your time as an attendee?

Attendees can simply vote up or down the different startups they come across on localweb.is/u/v/launch-demopit.  The best startups get voted to the top so you will know what you need to see before you leave.  This is also a great signal for potential investors.

There is no shortage of voting apps and even conference apps, but who wants to download, signup for and stuff another app on to already full homescreens only to ditch it the next day.  The conference organizers could try some sort of voting on Twitter, but that gets noisy very quickly.

By adding a /u/ to the URL it becomes unlisted.  The only way to know about it is to tell others, which they do by adding the URL to signage around the festival.  This ensures that only attendees are voting. Everyone has a browser on their phone so this ensures maximum participation.

While there may be an app for that, with localweb.is there is also a URL for that.

The above use case is fictitious, The Launch Festival doesn’t use localweb.is.  localweb.is hasn’t even launched yet.

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Image via Launch Media on Flicker CC2.0