0148:  /u/f/TLcorollafixlist


The entire history of your car             on-demand

You love your Toyota Corolla.  It’s reliable, pretty much lets you know anytime there is a problem, has 150,000 miles on it and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

What’s a lot less reliable is keeping track of what you’ve fixed on it, what’s due for maintenance and when, and which parts are hardest to find.  /u/f/TLcorollafixlist is an easy way to solve that problem. No more scraps of paper from 2008, no more digging through email receipts, no more photos saved to an online album.  Any work done on the car, just save a note to /u/f/TLcorollafixlist to remember it later. The /u and /f conventions make it unlisted and it follows you wherever you go, so no matter what happens your car’s history is all there, including VIN, insurance, the title information, whatever you need. And if you get locked out or the car is lost, you can easily prove it’s your car no matter where the paper title is.

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Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org | Public Domain