0143: /v/free-wifi


Who has the best free wi-fi                       in your area?

There are lots of ways to discover the free-wifi spots in your area.  Lots of apps and websites keep databases, but they’re usually quickly outdated and hard to wade through.

Who has the best wifi?  The fastest?  The free-est?  The most comfortable sitting locations?  Which cafe or co-working space doesn’t give you shifty looks every five minutes if you don’t have a box of wedge fries in front of you?

For that information you can turn to localweb.is/v/free-wifi. If you’ve found a new wifi spot, just post it there with a comment.  The /v/ makes it so people can vote up or down posts with different hot spots. The ones at the top are usually the place to be.  You can probably find many of the semi-public passwords listed there as well.

The 2 mile range should cover the city, but who wants to travel across town to get the best public wifi?  Simply filter /v/free-wifi down to 100 yards and you will see which spots have the most votes within a city block of where you’re standing.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image courtesy of Mike Mozart on Flickr | Licensed by CC2.0