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Marketing for young entrepreneurs

Neighborhood jobs like cutting lawns, raking leaves and shoveling snow have long been rites of passage for the more entrepreneurial minded kids on the block.

But today’s generation are too tied to technology to be knocking on doors or putting up signs.  That’s why Jacob uses /jacobs-lawn-service to spread the word about his new business.  After cutting his own lawn and that of a neighbors, he collects payment and asks them to drop a comment in /jacobs-lawn-service.  The activity makes it rise to the top of localweb.is/everything, becoming noticeable at the 100 yard range.  Other neighbors see his work and post a note in to request his services.

More customers means more photos and more comments. Soon /jacobs-lawn-service is constantly near the top at the 1/2 mile range.  Other kids see his success and inquire about taking on any extra work he has.  Jacob vets them and takes a cut, expanding his network until he spends most of his time collecting the revenue and posting and responding in /jacobs-lawn-service.  By the end of the summer /jacobs-lawn-service is constantly at the top on a 2 mile range and he is informally known as “Lawn King of Rock Creek Park”.

Just in time for leaf raking season.

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Image courtesy of Woodlywonderworks on Flickr | Licensed by CC.20