0140: /vagabond


A flexible gathering                           place for travelers

What, exactly, is a vagabond?  According to the twelve thousand strong vagabond community on Reddit it’s “Hitchhikers, Trainhoppers, Backpackers, Rubbertramps, Squatters, Tramps, and other houseless travelers!”

The subreddit is a community for vagabonds world wide, and a great place to share stories, tips, and resources.  It’s a smart way to get started, but once you are on the road, what you really want is to connect to the vagabond community around you on a given day.  With the constant coming and going of members on a world wide web forum, it just doesn’t work well.

Patrons of localweb.is/vagabond can quickly see who’s in the area, what’s going on, and even ask questions of other local vagabonds.  The people viewing and responding are within walking distance.  In other words, these are the people who can be most helpful.

Because the /vagabond is public, it serves as an opportunity for those who are interesting in Vagabonding to ask questions before hitting the road themselves.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image courtesy of Christiaan Triebert on Flickr | Licensed by CC2.0