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Luxury with responsibility

Boutique hotels walk a fine line.  Their goal is to provide an amazing experience that guests find relaxing, but sometimes this comes at a cost to the environment.  For travelers that want their luxury to be ecologically sound, resorts like the Hotel Santa Fe are leading the way.

A recently launched initiative is to track electricity usage / increase demand for solar energy.   Plug.Solar, a startup in the neighboring city of Albuquerque is helping the Hotel Santa Fe change how people think about solar energy.  Each plug added to a room measures the amount of electricity used and enables purchasing solar powered electricity for the hotel.  For guests that are curious about the program or want to know more about other eco-friendly practices at the hotel, /u/hotelSantaFe-r2101 is an easy way for the hotel to share info on solar and energy savings programs.

The /u means it’s unlisted and because it is room-specific, guests can see unique info and leave a note or message with any questions or comments.  That way guests can know they are getting luxury while supporting programs that are good for the environment.

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Image courtesy of hotelsantafe.com