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Keeping the system               accountable to citizens

What happens when a politician lies or says something that isn’t accurate?  If it’s a presidential race, they’re sure to be under the microscope.  If it’s the U.S. Senator or Governor level, politicians may be questioned.  But if it’s a statement from a local politician, many claims or “facts” never get challenged at all.

/polfactcheck is an example of how localweb.is can be used to help keep politicians honest, ensure transparency and fact check information from the ground up.  Know a city councilor’s stance on a local zoning issue but want to hear from small business owners who’ve actually been affected by it?  Simply post a note asking for perspectives on how the zoning has affected their business.  The mayor stated that there’s no difference in bar / liquor store free zones being 500 or 1000 ft from the nearest school?  Find out if that’s really true by talking to people whose kids attend the local elementary.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image courtesy of Kate Lundy on Wikipedia.org | Licensed by CC2.0