0136:  /hardwarefixes


A quick answer without spending         a lot of time or money

Getting your computer fixed is a strange process these days.  Most       of the time you’re forced to spend a lot of money or buy a new one     at the Apple store or at a big retailer like Best Buy or Amazon.  But sometimes, what you really need is a small fix or someone to look       at it and assess whether you need to buy that new one or not. /hardwarefixes makes it easy to connect to someone nearby and, if you run a small fix it shop, it’s a great generator of new customers.

No need to express-ship something back to Amazon or spend $80 at the Apple store to tell you something, and you get to support your local computer shop, too.  It’s the best of both worlds.

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Image courtesy of Vera de Kok on Wikipeda.org | Licensed by CC3.0