0134:  /whydoboys


Answers to life’s most             frustrating questions

Sometimes people don’t make sense.  And sometimes those people are boys and the questions you have about them are difficult to answer.

It helps to have people nearby who can empathize and maybe even offer advice.  That’s what /whydoboys is for.  Think of it as a hashtag / trending topic but for your block, neighborhood or city.  Hung out with someone you like but not sure how long you should wait to text?  Post a note into /whydoboys to ask.  Want a bit of advice on talking about what feels comfortable when it comes to making out?  There are probably people nearby who’d be happy to talk through it.

It’s that space in between BFFs and someone a block or two over that you’ve never met.

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Image courtesy of gilmae on wikipeda.org | Licensed by CC2.0