0132: /t0010/need-it-now


When you need something right away

The on-demand economy has been quite demanding lately.  It won’t be long before we buy something from Amazon and expect a drone to fly in our open window within a few hours.  But, sometimes you don’t even want to wait a few hours.  You just need something right away.

If you live in a densely populated area there is a good chance that thing you need is closer than you think.  It might be some oven-mitts because you have a turkey in the oven or some Advil because you just ran out and have a splitting migraine.

For those or any other ephemeral needs, you can just post to /t0010/need-it-now.  The /t0010/ is a modifier that sets the content to expire after 10 minutes, because oven mitts are no good if the turkey is burned to a crisp.  With some luck a neighbor will see your request and help you out at no charge.

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Image courtesy of screenpunk  Licensed by CC3.0