0128:  /u/leahsgrocerylist


A running list of grocery items

There must be thousands of ways to keep a list of things you need at the store.  But the best is still the simplest: a piece of paper with items you can reference and cross out.

Forget about downloading a new app or setting up a tracker on some website or your phone.  What you really need is one place where you can always reliably count on that list to be and that your family or roommates can easily add to.  /u/leahsgrocerylist is that place.

The only thing required is your phone and a URL.  Type that in and you can add items easily then send it off to your sister to add anything she needs at the store.  Once you’re shopping delete each item as you go.  If the store is out of an item simply leave it on the list for next time.  You can even leave notes for yourself to come back to later like to ask your husband about which brand of charcoal he prefers.

No ads, no people to bother you, nothing to install, and because it’s unlisted (/u/) that means only you and whoever you give it to will ever see or add to the list.

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