0125:  /u/shakes-otg


Event coordination + on the         ground communications

Yesterday’s example featured Shakespeare in Delaware Park…one     of the United States’ premier Shakespeare festivals and the pride &   joy of Buffalo, NY.

Because /shakesinthepark is public it can serve as a bulletin board     for local residents to see what’s coming up at the park on a daily         or weekly basis and even facilitate discussion and comments.  But another way to use localweb.is is via /u/shakes-otg (”on the ground”) where the organizers / volunteer team can make sure it goes off as planned.

The /u/ makes it unlisted so only those who know about it can view and follow, and the full web address is only given out to those volunteering for the event.  It serves as a running stream of requests and communications for the event on a hyper-local level.  Since it’s unlisted it doesn’t require any signup or user invite to view but can     be quickly given out to any attending police officers or other support staff as needed.

Need to quickly locate space for a patron with a wheelchair?  Buffalo PD working the festival can post a note asking the organizers if there’s space up front.  A volunteer can quickly locate a space up front and break out an extra cardboard box to lay down so that last night’s rain doesn’t sink wheels into the ground.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image courtesy of shakespeareindelawarepark.org