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Haircutting — quick, easy                       and on-demand

If you’ve ever been to a barber shop or salon you know it often involves waiting.  Some establishments try to fix this by setting appointments, but there are a lot of variables, including weather,     time of day and what season it is.  And supply isn’t fixed; many people just drop by to get their hair cut when they have a few extra minutes.

Things work best when there’s the right number of barbers to customers, but it’s not always easy to match.  /supercuts is an example of how a local quick cut place could manage their flow of customers. Customers headed in could find out the wait time and slot themselves to be there between 12-1 so the hair stylists have an idea of volume. Supercuts could also use it to get feedback from customers, all without constantly updating a new website or group online, or spending the time and money to develop an app for something that is constantly changing.

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