0121:  /f/scavenger-hunt


Mapping treasures on the move

Scavenger hunts are a blast and they’re not just for kids either. Whether you’re learning about beer while putting a few back in a small Colorado town, or devising a more complicated RPG version of a scavenger hunt, it’s a challenge that’ll keep you thinking and active.

One common problem when you’re putting together an event is making sure that each team can easily track their activities, and prove they’ve collected the non-physical artifacts on their list. /f/scavenger-hunt makes it easy.  Since it follows the team around (that’s what the /f is for) anything they add to it will be recorded / provided to the event organizers later, and they can use it to cross off the items they’ve already found.  When the occasion arises they can even use it to communicate with nearby teams on specific parts of the quest.

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Image courtesy of Matthew Hutchins on Wikipedia.org | Licensed by CC2.0