0117:  /save-bert


Local hashtags for civic purposes

The University of Florida-Gainsville campus has a bluff oak that is 80 feet tall and over a hundred years old.  It’s the third oldest of its kind in the whole state and its name is Bert.

That is until it gets cut down to make way for the rapidly expanding College of Engineering.  Many students are not happy about this and have started a campaign to save Bert. They have turned to social media using Twitter and a hashtag #saveourbert, but it’s too small to trend and support outside of Gainsville and so is all but wasted.  Bert even has his own Twitter account, but with only 52 followers, it’s just not moving the needle.  What they really need is a way to raise awareness locally but outside of their immediate friends and followers.

By posting to /save-bert on localweb.is the slash begins to rise via the /everything page.  Now local residents who don’t even go to the university will see it and can take part in some civic action literally in their own back yard.

Bert matters most to the people who are close enough to enjoy Bert’s majestic and soaring branches.  The way to reach those people isn’t by using the World Wide Web; it’s by using the local web.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Screencap via WCJB-20