0116:  /dogsofstapleton


The who, what, where, and               when of puppy play

The Stapleton off-leash dog park in downtown Denver is a blocks long paradise for puppies.  Getting out of that crowded apartment or small backyard and stretching all four legs is essential to having a healthy, happy pet.

Most dog parks tend to have regulars, and /dogsofstapleton is an easy way for owners to keep in touch and coordinate.  Been hanging out with Maple for 20 minutes but thinking of taking off because no one else is around mid-afternoon?  Check to see if Maple’s favorite friend, a little Yorkie named Shelly, is on her way before you head out.  Is the park running out of tennis balls?  Post a note and if someone’s near the Walgreens at Stapleton & 29th they can grab a few extras on their way.

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Image courtesy of Les Chatfied on Flickr.com | Licensed by CC2.0