0114:  /cabinfever


Monthly dance parties that you         can join or leave at will

When the winter months hit Boulder, Colorado, it can be tough to stay motivated.  Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures make it hard to get to work, much less feel like doing anything afterwards.

Enter /cabinfever, a monthly party that’s gone down in the past at a local watering hole.  DJ Fubari (a local tech entrepreneur who also happens to spin dirty house beats) comes with the music, George’s provides the drinks, and a rotating cast of regulars show up to dance their butts off and get rid of that extra energy.

Need to know what day it’s happening on?  Simply drop in and find out.  Has the location switched?  Want to put in song requests? It’s easy to check with /the DJ and /or organizer.  As the song requests pour in it pushes /cabinfever up to the top of the localweb.is page so that everyone can see it’s trending…and all of this without signing up for a new service, adding another only occasionally useful app to your phone, or joining a group you may only participate in semi-regularly.

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Image courtesy of Heidi Cuppari via Soundcloud.com