0113:  /u/f/utopia-orders


Coffee ordering app without the app

Utopia is a popular independent coffee shop in Southend-on-Sea in England.  They don’t have the resources to develop an app or compete toe-to-toe on tech with Starbucks but they can use localweb.is to offer their patrons a similar experience.

For their regulars they provide /u/f/utopia-orders which their patrons can use to simply post their orders – “I’ll have a large latte flat white, double cup.”

The /u/ makes it unlisted, so only people Utopia chooses will see it…helping to cut down on the noise.

The /f/ means it’s following, so the content posted there will change based on where a patron is.  Utopia regulars can post their order in the morning before they leave the house and when they are near the coffee shop, Utopia sees the order, replies with a “we’re on it!” and it’s ready by the time the customer gets there, allowing them to skip the line and get on with their day.

The best part is that if the customer has a web browser on their phone, then they already have Utopia’s “app.”  They just need to access the unique web address, which could even be printed on the coffee cups or posted on a sign in the shop.  It’s a seamless mobile experience for their patrons without requiring any special development or updating the back end of an app several times a year.

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Image courtesy of Randall Whitmore | Licensed by CC2.0