0112:  /u/dc-parking-club


Find parking spaces before           anyone else

The first rule of DC Parking Club is… you do not talk about DC Parking Club.  At least to tourists and non-DC residents.

The second rule of DC Parking Club is… when you leave your parking spot, quickly drop a photo or the location into /u/dc-parking-club.  If you take a spot you found on the club, reply to the post that it is taken. That way, club members can set their range to 100 yard or 1 mile and get notified when a new post (open parking space) appears. The /u/ makes the URL unlisted so only those who know about it can use it. Once you are a bonafide DC resident with a car, someone may approach you when you least expect it and when there’s no one else around… “Hey, you ever heard of DC Parking Club?”

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Image courtesy of Ted Eyton on Flickr | Licensed by CC2.0