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Guide to a mountain town

Next time you go on vacation you may want to consider selecting a small mountain town.  While a village in China may be different     from one in the Swiss Alps or in Colorado, they all tend to offer a unique experience that you can traverse mostly by foot and in a       few days’ time.

Yangshuo is an example of one such town in the South and West of China.  It’s popular with rock climbers, includes access to three rivers, and is free of air pollution.  With /yangshuo, you could literally find out about everything that’s happening from one side of town to another.  Want to know where the best place to get a drink is?  Simply post a note and locals and travelers alike can advise.  On holiday from England and pining for a few kicks of the soccer ball?  It’s easy to check for any other foot-ball fans, or if you’re looking for something quieter you can join a tea ceremony on a nearby hillside.

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