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Local exchange for kids clothes

Buying clothing for children is a constant dilemma.  On one hand you want high quality items for your kids, on the other you know they might grow out of them in 6 months.  Not to mention, this often leads to low priced clothes made in foreign countries by kids not much older than the the ones that end up wearing them.

Hand-me-down clothes are a great way to get quality clothing for little cost or even free.  If your son just turned 5 and no longer fits into size 4 just post the stack of items to /handmedowns-y4 which is followed   by others in the area who have a 4-year-old. Then proceed to check   out what people have to offer on /handmedowns-y5 that might fit   your son.

At any given time there are bags and bags of perfectly good clothes either thrown away or donated to charity (which are then shipped thousands of miles away at great environmental cost).  The /handmedown urls is a great system to keep things local and build     an ecosystem of re-use.

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Image courtesy of Melanie O on Flickr | Licensed by CC2.0