0107: /rucker-bball-tourney



Tournament updates for everyone

Rucker Park in Harlem is hallowed ground when it comes to basketball.  It’s frequently full of activity including tournaments       and dunk contests.  If you’re on the sidelines at an event it can be   hard to keep up with.

With /rucker-bball-tourney organizers of an impromptu tournament can easily post updates on which teams are next, the standings, and where the nearest public bathrooms are.  Fans who are in the stands can get involved, talking (typing) trash or asking questions and meeting new people a few rows over.

Because it’s on the web it doesn’t matter if you only have an Android phone or even a Blackberry.  There is also no signup needed to participate.  All you need to do is visit the URL, which will disappear due to lack of activity after the tournament…so there is no need to create a Twitter or Facebook page for it that hangs around for years and confuses people.

And you don’t even need to promote the tournament since rapid post activity will cause it to rise to the top of localweb.is where it will get the attention of anyone in the area.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image courtesy of Brian Horowitz on Flickr | Licensed by CC2.0