0105: /ISPs


An inside line on the best internet       in the neighborhood

Whether you’re moving to a new neighborhood or just visiting, one of the first questions is always “which internet provider is the best?”

The answer depends on a few factors.  Sometimes it’s about the type   of internet service: older houses might have bad phone lines making cable the better choice, or you might be in a neighborhood where there aren’t yet good fiber cables and so DSL / phone line based service is still your best option.  And even if you get through all that, you might still need to know which providers have reasonably good customer service and which are a hassle to deal with.

/ISPs is a way to quickly find out which internet service providers provide a good connection, and good service.  You can get reviews specific to your neighborhood and find out which companies provide fair and fast service…instead of having to relearn every time you go somewhere new.

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