0103: /tool-exchange


Lend and borrow tools with             your neighbors

Building or fixing something yourself can be incredibly empowering. But if you are just getting started it takes a serious investment in the right tools…some of which you might only use once. This creates a barrier to actually getting anything done.

On /tool-exchange you can ask to borrow a specific tool and others   can fill the request if they have it.  No complicated renting or                 e-commerce solution is needed; these are your neighbors, they want   to help.  And you can return the favor when they need to borrow something you have.

You can also easily develop good social conventions like including a note for when you expect to return a tool.  The owner can then reply to let people know it’s been returned, which creates just enough social pressure to ensure people get their tools back and a record of transfer if any problems arise.

And via /tool-exchange you get to meet other builders and makers within walking distance.  People of all skill levels.  Once the ice has been broken with a tool exchange, there is an opportunity for people to become mentors or mentees and learn new skills.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Image courtesy of Dorli Photography on Flickr | Licensed by CC2.0