0102: /staycation


Discovering fun getaways in             your own hometown

Vacations are often necessary to achieve the ever-elusive work / life balance.  Unfortunately, vacations are also a strain on finances which can make going on a trip a burden on the psyche.  To avoid breaking the bank many people opt to stay where they live and discover new and exciting things nearby.  Discovering unknown activities in your own town can be a challenge.

/staycation is a way for cash-conscious staycation-ers to create new experiences and embark on an adventure without ever having to leave their own town.  Discover a new hike in the morning, eat lunch at a killer midday happy hour and finish off the night at a jazz club you never even knew was there.  Comment in /staycation along the way for other local staycation-ers to see when it comes time for them to regain some sanity, right at home.

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Image courtesy of Andrea Castelli on Flickr | Licensed by CC2.0