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Fine tuning the perfect               selection of groceries

Trader Joe’s is known for great food at low prices.  There are a few ways the grocery chain, with over 400 store nationwide, is able to offer their customers so much value.  One of the most effective ways   is by closely watching the sales volume of their items.  Since the store   has limited shelf space, if an item isn’t selling well it’s quickly replaced with something new.  This makes for a high product turnover rate that’s dependent on regional tastes.  Finding the right product balance at a new Trader Joe’s location can take years to perfect, costing the company millions and their customers the luxury of a locally-tailored store.

/TJ-newproducts offers a way for regional Trader Joe’s stores and their regular shoppers to maintain an open conversation.  When an old product is replaced with a new one at Trader Joe’s in Austin, for example, the store can let their customers know and receive instant feedback on the change.  Customers can also offer their own reviews of current items, suggestions for new ones, and share inventive ways that they’re using each product…leading to higher satisfaction and a better sense of community around each store.  It’s a win-win for Trader Joe’s and customers.

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