0099: /v/t30/restaurants


What’s the best restaurant this     month in your area?

Where do you go to find the best restaurant in your area?  Why Yelp, of course!   But what if there are no reviews or they are old or possibly fake?  Good restaurants take feedback and make changes, but it can take a long time for this to reflect in reviews, and sometimes they never end up being updated at all.

With /v/t30/restaurants patrons can influence which restaurants are trending this month.  The /v creates a voting mechanism (like Reddit and other communities) and the /t30 denotes the votes are from the last 30 days.

Restaurants and/or patrons add the restaurant to the conversation   and other patrons can vote it up or down.  Did your local breakfast spot offer up some creativity with the Zydeco breakfast?  No time to post a full review on Yelp?  Simply vote up their post to give them some love and visibility.

Smart restaurants include a little note on the bill, “Don’t forget to vote us up on localweb.is/v/t30/restaurants. Thanks!”

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Image courtesy of Nick Webb via wikipedia.org | Licensed by CC2.0